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What We Do

Cloverlea is our breeding site, where we have a number of hives that we are able to graft from to produce queen bees.  However, we have many apiary sites (place where we keep hives) within the central belt of Scotland. We migrate some of our hives to help farmers with crop pollination and this in turn helps our bees to get healthy and strong. We are always mindful as to not over populate areas with honey bees as this will have an effect on the natural pollinators, so we at Cloverlea ensure that there is a balance protecting all lives of natural pollinators like the bumblebees and hoverflies etc, wherever our apiaries are located.

Our bees start to forage with the spring flowers, snow drops and crocus for example and progress though the year into the autumn months foraging on many different flowers, plants and trees (hawthorn, willowherb, borage, sycamore, lime trees, apple blossom etc). 

When the heather season is afoot, we move our hives with our 4×4’s and trailers, off road to the heather moors, for their holidays and to gather precious Scottish Heather Honey. We work with gamekeepers and factors ensuring the environment in which they work is protected and respected.

If we are not out looking after our bees, as we inspect each and every hive on a regular basis to ensure they happy and healthy, we are cleaning and maintaining equipment, ensuring our apiary sites are looked after and maintained.  You can also find us in the honey house extracting honey and ensuring our precious honey is jarred and labelled for sale. Or you may find us in the craft house, making candles, soaps and skincare to sell.  We handmake a full range of natural cosmetics, foot creams and foot scrubs, luxury body and face creams, scrumptious body and face scrubs, bath fizz, lip balms and soaps. All with natural preservatives, micas, clays etc.

We also get out and about as we attend farmers markets, stock independent retailers, as well as agricultural shows selling our products and supporting the agricultural community. We provide training/talks for bee keepers, schools,  and groups.  

And if it’s a nice day, you may find us in the grounds of Cloverlea adding more native flowers and trees to our meadows for our bees. Or sat having a cuppa in the rural Scottish Countryside…….