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Our Story

About Cloverlea Apiaries

Cloverlea Apiaries ‘the friendly bee Company’ is a family run honey bee farm nestled in the Ochil Hills, Perthshire Scotland.

When dad (aka Jeff) took early retirement some 20 years ago, we bought him a bee hive, as keeping bees had been a lifelong goal but he’d never had the time.  But mainly it was to keep him out of the house and from under mums’ feet………………………………and our passion for honey bees grew and grew.

After building on our knowledge and experience in breeding and keeping honey bees, we took the decision to move from Manchester and Leicester to Cloverlea, a smallholding nestled in the Ochil Hills. Whilst we are not the ‘Waltons’…….. moving into Cloverlea has meant we could all live together and develop our passion with honey bees into a small family business. Unfortunally for dad this meant he is still not retired yet!!

Over the past few years, we have developed our smallholding into a breeding site for honey bees, ensuring there is a balance which not only supports our honey bees but other pollinators like bumblebees and hoverflies etc. This has meant we have ensured the environment in which we live is sustainable but it has also lead us to creating native wildflower meadow and the planting of some 100 plus pollinating trees.

We have developed our business on our love and passion of family, bees and the environment in which we all live and work.

Meet the Team


Our Mum (Margaret) ‘The boss’ and the one that pulls us all together. When dad first started bee keeping, Mum read all the books she could to keep dad on track, and although she’s now not as hands on, she is our rock and glue within the family.

Likes Jam, Bees,
Dislikes Honey


(Jeff) the man behind the scene. Works hard extracting our honey and breeding our bees. He will always do his best to make things right for his family -The true meaning of a dad

Likes: Honey…all kinds he is our honey monster
Dislikes: Doughy bread


“Big Sister” former social worker – and has always got a lighter for our smokers

Likes: Infused Honey
Dislikes Heather Honey & Bee Stings


“Little Sister” former Health and Safety- and can always make you laugh

Likes: Soft Set
Dislikes: Cut comb


(Karens Husband) – work full time on a local private estate as a groundsman, which is great for our bees as he develops our wildflower meadows, and grounds around Cloverlea.

Likes: Chocolate
Dislikes: Quorn